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Green Moment

Did you know that one of the most versatile natural materials for clothing and other necessities, Cotton, has been traced back as far as 5,000 years in India and traces even farther back in ancient Mexico to nearly 7,000. To this day it is still one of the most popular materials and it keeps on growing!

Media Kit

The Green Economy television show highlights the new economy at work. The leaders of our country are being challenged to recognize the need to focus on responsible and sustainable ways to improve our future. Does it work? The Green Economy showcases these improvements at work. The show presents the concept in a non-political way that we are the stewards of our world, necessitating a wise and conscientious caretaking of our environment for future generations in an affordable and reasonable way.

Host Biographies

Andrew Mallory

Andrew has been a TV host on the BBC Travel Channel, Discover Channel and Action Sports Cable Network. Born in England, he has traveled the world and now lives in Portland, Oregon. Andrew has been a professional safari guide and hunter in Botswana as well as been involved with hunting conservation in South Africa. His British humor, inquisitive manner and non-conventional personality provide unique color and entertainment to The Green Economy.

Don McCoy

Don was the executive producer and host for Oregon Green Homes. This documentary showcased various types of green homes and alternative energy and was made for TV. As a real estate professional, Don has additional training on energy and environmental issues that effect remodeling, new construction and real estate transactions. Don wonderfully delivers present course instruction during The Green Economy that has proved to be valuable in catching a clear perspective of the emerging green building sciences and certifications.

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